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I am writing you to thank you for the two books you have published. One night I was thinking about my Russian bride and my previous experience, so I was searching the internet. To my delight I found nothing about her and stumbled onto your books. I first bought your second book and read it the same night. I then signed up for your newsletter. I then purchased your first book and read it the same night. Mind you this all took place in one night.
WOW!!! what an education!!!! I will state this, any western male looking to court a eastern female, this should be MANDATORY reading! It will give you valuable insight into a thought process that is different from ours. I must THANK YOU again for very educational books of which I do not think I would be where I am in my relationship with Tanya” /Dave, IL USA

Dear Friend! Let me ask you a question….

Are you in a long distance relationship with a Russian woman from the former Soviet Union and seriously think about marrying her? If so, you absolutely must read this e-book. I call my book “The Shocking Truth” You will find a lot of amazing truths about your future Russian wife, but also you will find a lot of revealing information about yourself and will be able to see your role in a successful foreign-Russian marriage.
It is very easy for foreign men to become frustrated while they are looking for a Russian woman through the Internet:

From one side of the coin, marriage agencies introduce to Western men beautiful looking Russian women whose goal in life is to be dutiful to their husband and children.

Yet, on the flip side, you may have heard horror stories either from friends, relatives or through TV and newspaper accounts about Russian women, who want to escape from Russia.

Once these women have escaped from their shackles of Russian life and have settled into their new country, they quickly divorce their foreign husband, taking everything from them, and sometimes even killing them!!

Have you ever heard of these situations of either devoted love or one’s worst nightmare?

Do you believe it or is it too far fetched?

It is quite an enigma, truth or fairy tale, fact or fiction or maybe a little of both?

You need to ask yourself, who they are these Russian women? Are they the angels described on the Internet web sites or are they truly, the demons from hell?
Devil or Angel ???

I have written this eBook just to help you understand the mysteries surrounding these fascinating Russian women. For once and for all, dispel the many myths.

“Dear Marina,
I bought your on-line book and obviously get your e-mails…I just cannot believe how exact and how true everything you write is. It’s a little unnerving to say the least. My first and perhaps last attempt at marrying a lovely Ukrainian girl failed miserably because I fundamentally got a lot of things completely wrong, and every single one of them detailed exactly in your writing………
Yours sincerely,
Kevin ”

I am offering you the tools you need to finally get what you want: a secure family with a Russian woman.

  • Who are these young beautiful teenagers girls. The ones that you see on the opening web-pages of these marriage agencies , and why they are willing to marry men, who are much older them.
  • What you really need to know if you decided to marry a Russian woman, whether she younger or older.
  • What to expect from 35-45 year old – Russian women
  • What to expect from 25-35 year old Russian women
  • What to expect from young 18-25 year old Russian girl
  • 4 things that are matter of fact, for you, but absolutely unknown to your future Russian wife.
  • Is it true that they are very family oriented women, whose only desire is to serve their husbands and children.

  • What you must know before you decide to marry a Russian woman
  • What you need to tell your bride if you live on a tight budget
  • What you must tell your bride if you feel insecure and are afraid to trust her completely
  • Tips for men who are financially stable and are afraid to trust their future wife
  • Three major reasons why foreign-Russian marriage fail
  • And much much more

“Thank You Very Much for your ebook…. I am “engaged” to a Russian woman . She is in her late 30’s and I am 20 years older… We have talked about this difference many, many times… But I must tell you that, while I had a distinct feeling about our differences (her very huge strengths), I did not quite understand it until I read your book!!!! I appreciated your information about her growing up… It explains a lot… plus her relationship with her son… So many things you said were “right on”… Thanks!!!! Perhaps I am rambling now but I truly wanted to thank you for your information!!!

Your Russian Bride-The Shocking Truth

I want you to know that most of the information you find on the Internet is written by the various marriage agencies representing foreign women.
So it is understandable that you find only a slanted view when describing these Russian women. In most cases it will be as a fairy tale, the May- December romances with happy endings.

Be very careful with these super positive types of stories. You need to understand that in most cases it is a business, a marriage arrangement business.

The dating services help bring you together, they do not help you to stay together!I

It is not their job to make your relationship last, so they don’t bother to warn you of the many pitfalls that can become you and destroy your marriage.

What do you expect of your new Russian bride and what do you really know about her??

Have you asked yourself: Who is this author and how can she be so confident?

  • I am Russian, married to a American man and I know first-hand, from my own experiences, the problems that can exist
  • I have a website where immigrant people can receive information and get help. Believe me, I have met a lot of Russian women thru this website. Women who have married foreign men and have had to face the obstacles presented to them in their relationship. A very large percentage of the problems that arise can be avoided, if not completely prevented if you learn about them before you marry.
  • The information in my e-book is unbiased. I don’t represent any groups or any marriage agencies.There is no advertising for any products.

“I just finished reading your ebook “The Shocking Truth” in just 1 sitting all the way through. I have to confess that I was one of those clueless guy with a whole lot of misconceptions about Russian ladies who marry foreigners to them. Your book was just like a hammer slammed on my head (literally I mean it!). I now feel guilty for how wrong I have been from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t really done anything as far as looking for Russian lady for a future mate. But if I do decide to go on that endeavor, I will certainly keep your words in my head. And I’m sure I will re-read it again and again to remind myself. Again, thank you for the great work.”

I hope this information will help you to make the right choices, for the right reasons. The e-book is easy to understand and fun to read.

Think about it..

  • Do you want to escape the most costly and painful mistakes made by others?
  • Do you want to better understand these unknown mysterious Russian women?

If your answers were YES, you have to read this ebook!

Read this ebook today and within hours you will be able to communicate effectively with your bride on another level.
You will begin to understand much more about her and what she is trying to tell you.
You will surprised her greatly with questions and knowledge that she never ever expected from you!

This ebook is unlike anything else you will ever read on the Internet about Russian brides.

This is truly shocking information that makes you think very carefully before you decide to marry a women from the former Soviet Union.

So go ahead! In as little as 1 minute you will be benefiting from the ebook that can prevent a lot of painful mistakes.

You deserve to be loved and to enjoy happiness!

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“Dear Marina,

I’ve already read your first book, “Your Russian Bride, the Shocking Truth.”

Wow, the title is very appropriate because I can’t believe how naive I am (was) about the realities between western men and Russian Women. I must admit to being somewhat overwhelmed with all this new information. I would rather know the realities of the situation in order to make informed decisions. The information in your book will be very useful in helping me to do that.

For now, I’m going to spend time processing this new information and think about it for awhile. In addition, I need to read your other book. I guess I’m a typical American on the subject, not with bad intentions, just ignorant.

My intentions in finding a loving wife and a building a family through mutual love, trust and respect are sincere. However, I’m not certain that my life style would live up to the expectations of a woman from the Russian culture. I live a reasonably successful live by American standards.

My lifestyle is very much that of middle class and I wonder if that is enough to satisfy the average Russian woman? Obviously, this is really important stuff and I want to make thoughtful choices.

Anyway, thanks for helping a typical westerner come to know the realities of the situation. ”


“Hello Marina,
I just got done reading two of your ebooks – the one about Russian Brides, and the other about sex. Great stuff! Thanks so much.
I have a Russian woman (almost my age) who is just so wonderful and lives not too far from me. We were approaching some “rocky ground” and I was desperate for guidance with no where to turn.
A Google search brought me to you and I’m so grateful for your work and your taking the time to put it together and offer it to guys like me! It’s going to help me so much in this relationship, that hopefully will end in marriage within a year.”
God Bless P

“I must tell you that I was very impressed with all of your ebooks I purchased from you.

As a retired police sergeant, I am very pessimestic when I read anything…but you addressed questions that frankly I have tried to analyze over and over in my head before my return trip to Russia. By the way, your American husband is a lucky man. You sound very sincere, loving, and caring in your books. Hope you hear from you soon..” / G.P.

“Thank you very much for your prompt reply, the books are giving me more insight into these Russian angels that I see on the computer screen. Your newsletter is always a delight to read.Continue to keep up the good work.”

Best regards, Nathaniel.

“I have read your fascinating book, it really gave me lots of insight about Russian women. The book has given me information that will truly help keep me from a failed marriage if I marry a Russian woman, which I hope to” D.A.

“Ms. Smiley,
I just finished reading your ebook, “Your Russian Bride.”

It was fantastic!

I can’t thank you enough. The insights were worth every penny.”

“I have read your Ebooks: “Truth about Bride” and “Love and Sex” twice now. I have found much insight and they has been proving very helpful in my communication with my bride.”

Thanks again, James

“I would like to thank you! Your book was a great help MARINA! Much appreciated” Bob

“Dear Marina,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have just finished reading both your books. Once I started, I could not stop. They were informative, happy, sad, and exciting all at the same time.

I cried halfway through the 2nd book, but they were tears of joy. You made me realize that I really am totally in love with Svetlana, and that it is not a dream. I have tried to convince myself that I could not really fall in love with someone over the internet, but you showed me that it is possible and that it has happened. I really have found my princess that I have searched for all my life. And you helped me see some mistakes that I was on the verge of making, but now I do not have to make them.

Again, I want to thank you for the most incredible books I have ever read. You have helped me make the best decision I will ever make.”

James Perrine

With this knowledge you can avoid many costly mistakes and build a nice, loving family with a Russian woman based on trust and honesty. .